Final Call: Check Out Game Demos Before Steam Game Festival Summer Edition Ends

Steam game festival summer edition

With lots of demos available for Steam Game Festival Summer Edition, it might be hard to pick out what to try. However, it is a limited time affair. With the event ending on June 22, 2020, now’s the time to test games that you might not have known about or were interested in before. After all, all those trials go away when it ends.

Here are some you may want to play.


Featuring Mega Man X-style gameplay with roguelike level design, 30XX brings protagonists Nina and Ace back for another adventure. This time, there’s detailed sprite-work and a new ability system. The game recently had some details revealed during the Summer of Gaming 2020 event. There is no release date in sight for the game yet, so check out the demo to get an early preview of what’s in store.


Windjammers 2

Windjammers 2 is a DotEmu-developed sequel to the cult classic Data East NeoGeo title Windjammers. It’s essentially competitive frisbee taken to the extreme, and it features new special moves, stages, and characters. Check out the game’s Steam page and demo.


Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a time traveling RPG during which you can see and change both the past and future in real time. Time travel comes into play during combat as well, and you can read more about the game via our playtest. Meanwhile, check out the game’s Steam page and demo during this event.


Outrider Mako

This is a deliverywoman simulator with Souls-like combat that’s coated with a vibrant, Japanese-inspired coat of pixel graphics. Outrider Mako is already an award-winning indie title developed by one-man studio Asamodo Games. The game’s still in the works for a 2020 release, but players can try out the first stage in the demo released for Steam Game Festival.


Rise Eterna

Rise Eterna is an homage to turn-based strategy RPGs from the 16-bit days. Lua is on a journey to rediscover her past. In the full game, you’ll recruit up to fourteen allies and travel across an entire continent in order to complete her task, and you can have a taste of it during the event.

Alistair Wong
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