Game Gear Micro Wallpapers Shared and Shirts Shown Off

game gear micro wallpaper

Sega has announced some Game Gear Micro tie-in goodies. One of them can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and doesn’t cost a thing. The other does require actual money and is primarily available in Japan, but can be shipped to the United States. They’re Game Gear Micro wallpapers and shirts. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

There are two Game Gear Micro wallpapers to choose from on Sega’s site, and each one shows the four different models. One is a standard 1920×1080 design you can use on a computer, with the black and blue models on the top and yellow and red on the bottom. The other is a 1242×2208 mobile wallpaper that stacks them up.

As for the two Game Gear Micro shirts, they’re both available from Amazon Japan in medium, large, and extra large and will ship on October 6, 2020. The cheaper of the two is Game Gear Bros. for ¥3,520 (~$33). It has a standard Game Gear next to a Game Gear Micro, with the two greeting each other. Below their official logos are the release dates for each. The other is a Game Gear Micro GO SEGA shirt that has the four models in color on the front and the large GO SEGA 60th Anniversary logo on the back. It will be ¥3,850 (~$36).

The original Game Watch story also reminded some additional sets that will be available in Japan. One is a Rakuten Books set that will include all four Game Boy Micros and a collection of pins in a box for ¥29,980 (~$283). The other is Sega Store four-piece set that includes a not-functional, translucent model mock-up for ¥28,512 (~$269).

The Game Gear Micro will launch in Japan on October 6, 2020, and each of the four models will have four different games on it. The shirts will be available the same day.

Jenni Lada
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