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Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Delayed Until 2022

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tango Gameworks announced that its supernatural ghost-fighting game Ghostwire: Tokyo will be delayed. Originally scheduled for a late 2021 release window, the timing has been shifted into “early 2022.” In a statement delivered via the game’s official Twitter account, the studio cited the challenges posed by “protecting the health of everyone at Tango” as a factor in the decision to delay the game.

The statement also thanked fans for their patience, promising that Ghostwire: Tokyo would deliver an “unforgettable version of a haunted Tokyo that we’ve been hard at work building.” Though detailed information on the game is relatively scarce, it’s known that it will take advantage of the features of the PS5’s Dualsense controller. It will also have dogs to pet.

The ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic impacted game development worldwide, and Ghostwire: Tokyo isn’t an outlier when it comes to facing delays as a result of the pandemic’s effects. Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 7 was pushed into 2022 by the measures needed to sustain development while maintaining safety measures. Bandai Namco’s Tales of Arise will also arrive in September 2021, despite being in the final stages of development as far back as late 2020. Square Enix also began implementing remote work support on a “permanent and core” basis in 2020.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is in development and is scheduled to release in early 2022. It will release on the PlayStation 5 and PC.

Josh Tolentino
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