Gintama: The Final Will Release In January 2021

gintama movie gintama the final

The next Gintama movie, Gintama The Final, will release in January 2021. Anime series director Chizuru Miyawaki will be writing the script and direct the “final” film. Gintama The Final will debut in theaters in Japan on January 8, 2021. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Additionally, series creator Sorachi Hideaki will be working on the production of the film in some capacity. The voice actors for the animated series will also be reprising their roles as well.

You can watch the first trailer for Gintama The Final below:

While it is less of a trailer and more of an announcement, Gintama fans have something to look forward to early next year. Gintama The Final will be supervised by Yoichi Fujita, who had worked on previous Gintama animated films. The press release went on to say that on August 20, 2020, the first promotional illustration for the upcoming fill will be released.

Gintama, created by Sorachi Hideaki, has sold over 55 million copies to date. The series follows Gintoki, a samurai and “freelancer,” who works alongside two teenagers–Shinpachi, and Kagura–in an alternate-history version of the late-Edo period.

Gintama characters like Gintoki, Elizabeth, and Katsura recently made their appearance in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR for a limited time collaboration event.

Gintama The Final will release to Japanese theaters on January 8, 2021.

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