Girls’ Frontline Brings the War in Shattered Connexion Event

Girls' Frontline

Girls’ Frontline, the dystopian mobile strategy game that features characters patterned after real-world firearms, is getting ready to kick off the latest development in its main story, through a big new narrative event titled “Shattered Connexion.” The official Girls’ Frontline Twitter account posted an animated trailer for Shattered Connexion, confirming its release date of November 24, 2020:

TheĀ Girls’ Frontline Shattered Connexion event is a follow-up to the previous story event, “Isomer,” and has the members of the AR Team and Squad 404, two teams of “T-Doll” androids from the main story, infiltrating the infected city of Tallinn to investigate the activities of Paradeus, a shadowy, high-tech faction that first debuted in the March 2020 story event “Continuum Turbulence.” Characters like M4A1, UMP-45, RO-635, SOPMOD II, the human character Angelia, and the Paradeus “Nyto” units can be seen battling in the trailer.

Structurally, Shattered Connexion promises to be more straightforward than earlierĀ Girls’ Frontline story events, with five chapters and a linear progression. Selectable difficulty levels for the missions will ensure that even relatively early-game players will be able to complete the narrative and farm reward boxes. For the top-tier Commanders, a special combat map with rewards based on score ranking against the rest of the player population will be available as well.

The November 24th debut of Shattered Connexion will also bring in new promos, including a 7-day login campaign that will award players with the 3-Star Shotgun character Six12:

Commanders looking to upgrade their rosters will also get new targets to watch out for, as Shattered Connexion brings with it endgame-level “Neural Upgrade” modifications for the Submachinegun Gr MP5 and the Rifle Hanyang Type88. Neural Upgrades are a 3-stage progression for select T-Dolls that adds new skills, stat and level caps, and at their final stage, a new cosmetic appearance. MP5 gains a skill that increases her evasion after her standard-issue Force Shield expires. Hanyang gains an entirely new suite of attacks that varies based on her target. She’ll launch missiles at armored units, lob cluster grenades at unarmored units, and stab melee-range enemies with an energy bayonet.

Girls’ Frontline is immediately available on iOS and Android.

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