Glover N64 Prototype Leak Causes Misunderstanding with Rights Owner

Glover N64 Prototype

On February 6, 2021, Piko Interactive contacted the Twitter user, Forest of Illusion, requesting that they cease distribution of a Glover N64 prototype ROM. The company, who currently hold the rights to Glover, also threatened legal action. This is according to a tweet posted by Forest of Illusion. At this point, the conflict appears to be over and both parties suggest that it was a result of a misunderstanding.

Piko Interactive teased that a Glover project was in the works on December 4, 2020, although specific details as to the nature of the project weren’t revealed at the time. We now know that Piko Interactive is “…planning an N64 cart release along with other ports on a Kickstarter campaign.” The company took issue with Forest of Illusion’s release, fearing that it would imperil any future cartridge release. The misunderstanding came from the belief that both Forest of Illusion’s and Piko Interactive’s builds of the game were the same. The two builds were, however, shown to differ in several ways.

Piko Interactive went on to say that it supports preservation and plan on releasing “lots” of the games it has collected and acquired. The company also believes that the leak was beneficial in a way, as it led to the discovery of additional bugs by community members.

Piko Interactive has apologized for “coming off a bit strong” against preservation efforts.

Benjamin Maltbie
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