Hey, it’s almost October 28th! Yes, that’s the day God Eater Burst hits the Japanese market and shows us what it’s made of. Over on the game’s development blog, Namco Bandai are doing a countdown to release in the form of frequent updates, detailing different features.


One of the pleasures of any loot-based RPG is the ability to customize the look of your character. God Eater Burst is no different and features a large number of additions in the costume department. Here’s a few of the game’s costumes and mix-and-match possibilities:


Summer Casual Campus:

geb_cos_001 geb_cos_002

Polo shirt with medium-length bottoms.


Bear (called “pretty animal”):


geb_cos_011 geb_cos_012



Angel (called “purely cupit”):


geb_cos_014 geb_cos_015



Maroon blazer with headphones:

geb_cos_016 geb_cos_017

Hey look, it’s Yosuke from Persona 4! (No, they didn’t actually say that)


Kunoichi (female ninja):

geb_cos_018 geb_cos_019

Light-armoured female ninja outfit.


Sweeper Noir:

geb_cos_006 geb_cos_007

Cool and dangerous-looking. Its silhouette has a strong presence.


F Sniper Clothes:

geb_cos_008 geb_cos_009

The costume worn by the protagonists of the append version of God Eater Burst. Shows off “sexy belly button.”


Earthy Snazz:


geb_cos_004 geb_cos_005

Goes well with a variety of tops.


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