Graffiti Kingdom’s New Smartphone Game Revealed With Trailers, Story And Gameplay Details



Taito announced a new smartphone game for Graffiti Kingdom, known as Rakugaki Kingdom in Japan with a couple new trailers, some info its story and gameplay details over at its official website.


Check out Graffiti Kingdom’s teaser trailer below:


Here’s a bit on the game’s story:

Another world that was depicted from a drawing, different from our own reality.


There, you’ll find people called “Clockers,” those with the ability to think and create through “artistic inclination,” who are selected and regularly invited as the chosen one. By drawing from their imagination, they’re able to bring life to a mysterious life-forms known as “Rakugaki” (“Graffiti”).

“If you win the tournament, they’ll grant you one wish of anything you want,” says the guide Izel who greets the Clockers at the base of the seven-colored large tree known as the Palette Tree.

However, there’s a major secret that she’s hiding, and can’t tell anyone.


Next up, we have some gameplay details.



In the new Graffiti Kingdom, the “Rakugaki System” allows for drawings that you make on smartphone to come to life as 3D characters that you can raise and battle. There’s a “Beginner Mode” and “Veteran Mode” so that players can enjoy and create models with ease, whether they’re beginners or veterans.



However, it isn’t necessary to draw, as you can simply download characters created by other players, free of charge. There’s also a ranking system for downloads and likes, as well as a hashtag function to make it easier to search and download.



You can play the game 100 times and easily come up with 100 different characters. The battles are made with a pleasant pace to make for a satisfying battle system.




Graffiti Kingdom releases in Japan this winter for iOS and Android.

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