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Graffiti Kingdom Developers Looking For Testers For The New Smartphone Game

By Sato . July 22, 2019 . 5:15am

A new Graffiti Kingdom game is in development for smartphones, and Taito is looking for testers to try out the new “Rakugaki System” that brings illustrations to life as 3D characters.

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Graffiti Kingdom’s New Smartphone Game Revealed With Trailers, Story And Gameplay Details

By Sato . July 11, 2019 . 1:30am

Taito announced a new smartphone game for Graffiti Kingdom, known as Rakugaki Kingdom in Japan with a couple new trailers, some info its story and gameplay details.

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A New Graffiti Kingdom Game Announced By Taito For Smartphones

By Sato . July 10, 2019 . 1:00am

Taito developed the original Graffiti Kingdom game, known as Rakugaki Kingdom in Japan, and it was announced in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that they’re making a new game for smartphones.