Recently, Polyphony Digital released a major free update for Gran Turismo 5 that adds a new online lounge, weather controls, cars from the 2011 NASCAR season, a new opening movie, and other changes as well. This was titled the “Spec 2.0 update”.


Following this, Sony announced plans to release an updated retail version of Gran Turismo 5 with all of this extra content on Blu-ray discs in Hong Kong and Japan. This updated version of the game is also being released in North America.


Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition will contain all the original Gran Turismo 5 content, all the Spec 2.0 content, and will also include a voucher worth over $20 for DLC. The XL Edition’s cover will be reversible, featuring the new Red Bull X2011 supercar.


Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition will be released on January 17th for $40.


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