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Granblue Fantasy Versus Hits 150,000 Units in Shipments and Digital Sales

Granblue Fantasy Versus 150,000 in shipments and digital sales Japan

Cygames announced that its fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus reached 150,000 units in shipments and digital sales.

Check out the announcement tweet below:

“As of today, Granblue Fantasy Versus surpassed 150,000 in sales, thanks to all of your love and support! Thank you very much!

We’re preparing all kinds of updates for you all to enjoy, so please look forward to it!

*The total figure comes from total physical copies shipped and digital sales.”

Since Granblue Fantasy Versus released yesterday, February 6, 2020, these are basically the launch day figures. Fighting games haven’t really put up sexy numbers in Japan for a while, but 150,000 is impressive, nonetheless.

Looking back at the opening sales of Dragon Ball FighterZ in Japan from January 2018, it sold about 68,731 retail copies on PS4 in its opening week. If only half of the 150,000 were to come from physical copies, that would still be enough to give Granblue Fantasy Versus the edge in its debut.

Granblue Fantasy is now available for PlayStation 4 in Japan. The game will release in North America just a month after its Japanese debut on March 3, 2020. Unfortunately, the game’s European release window is still Q1 2020, but we expect to release date announcement soon.

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