PlayStation Vita

Gravity Rush Demo Soars To North America This Week

This week, Sony will release a demo for Gravity Rush on the PlayStation Vita in North America. The game, directed by Silent Hill and Siren creator, Keiichiro Toyama, was inspired by open world games such as Crackdown. North America gets the demo tomorrow (the 29th), while Europe is supposed to see it on the 30th.


Pre-ordering Gravity Rush in North America from GameStop or Amazon will net you one of the four DLC packs that Sony have released for Gravity Rush in Japan—the one with Kat’s military outfit. If the pack is the same as its Japanese counterpart, you’ll also get two challenge races, and two other missions. Read about those here.


The full game, which is scheduled for release on June 12th in North America, will be available as a retail title in both the U.S. and Europe, contrary to previous plans to only release the title as a download in PAL regions.


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