Guilty Gear Strive Necessary Discrepancy Soundtrack Released

Guilty Gear Strive soundtrack including Testament theme song is available on Spotify and Steam

The original soundtrack for Guilty Gear Strive is now available worldwide on multiple digital platforms, including Spotify, iTunes Store, and YouTube Music. Guilty Gear Strive Necessary Discrepancy is also available on Steam, where Arc System Works sells each of the two discs separately. The CD album containing the song’s lyrics has also appeared in more physical stores.

Arc System Works first revealed the soundtrack named after Ramlethal Valentine’s theme song in March 2022 in Japan. The company announced that the soundtrack would include the theme songs of all Season 1 DLC characters. It has since updated the tracklist to include “Like a Weed, Naturally, as a Matter of Course,” the theme song of Testament. The season’s final character showed up later than the soundtrack announcement. The revised tracklist also confirmed that “Rock and Roll, Rock Hard Maniac” will become the theme song for the upcoming Season 2.

The public sales of the soundtrack were part of the numerous announcement that Arc System Works made at the Guilty Gear Strive first-anniversary live stream. Although it did not reveal any new DLC characters, the company planned to release a major balance update for the fighting game in June 2022.

The Guilty Gear Strive Necessary Discrepancy original soundtrack is available worldwide on physical CDs and digital platforms, including Spotify and Steam. It contains songs from the Guilty Gear Strive fighting game, available on the PS5, PS4, PC, and arcades.

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