Guilty Gear Strive New Album Will Include the Next Fighter’s Theme

new physical Guilty Gear Strive original soundtrack album OST Necessary Discrepancy preorder at Arc System Works

A new Guilty Gear Strive original soundtrack (OST) album will appear physically in Japan, Necessary Discrepancy. Named after Ramlethal Valentine’s theme song in the game, the album will contain 25 tracks on two CDs.

Arc System Works had previously released a digital soundtrack to people who purchased the Ultimate Edition of Guilty Gear Strive. However, it only featured theme songs for characters in the launch roster. The upcoming Necessary Discrepancy album will include the themes of five DLC characters from Season Pass 1.

In addition to Goldlewis Dickinson, Jack-O, Happy Chaos, and Baiken, the soundtrack will include the theme song for the fifth and last character in the season pass, whose identity is yet to be revealed. Another new song, titled “Rock and Roll, Rock Hard Maniac,” will complete the album.

The Guilty Gear Strive Original Soundtrack Necessary Discrepancy will release in May 2022 in Japan. However, Tower Records will sell the album earlier at a Pop Up Shop that runs from March 23, 2022 to April 3, 2022. The temporary store will also sell various merchandise items featuring eight characters with new rock concert costumes. While the website uses “WorldShopping,” it is yet to be known whether these Guilty Gear items will be eligible for international purchases.

Guilty Gear Strive is a fighting game available worldwide on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. People residing in Japan can also play the game in arcades.

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