Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R GGPO Rollback Netcode Is Here

GuiltyGear XX Accent Core Plus R

Something people have been waiting to see fully implemented in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R since November 2020 is here. The GGPO rollback netcode rolled out on the evening of December 22, 2020. Even better is that it doesn’t only improve the quality of the matches. It also lets you have six people in a room and see replays.

The GGPO is a priority, and it makes it easier to stay consistent. You can choose your delay, with Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R even recommending what you should choose. It also lets you know your ping and jitter. Which will be handy if you decide to go for the bigger rooms that will have two people playing and up to four people watching the fight.

You might want to keep track of the Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R replays. The game is going to automatically record them. So if you want to share them or are worried about how much space they’ll take up, you may want to periodically clear out that folder.

Here are the full patch notes from Steam.

Added GGPO:

* Network mode now uses GGPO for online play!

* GGPO input delay can be set between 0 and 4 frames before battle by pressing left/right in a player room. A recommended delay depending on ping is displayed to the user

(0-100ms: 0f, 101-180ms: 1f, >180ms: 2f). This setting is saved.

* During a network game, ping and jitter information are displayed in the upper-right corner.

Added player rooms:

* Network mode now supports player rooms of up to six players!

* Anyone not playing will spectate the current match.

Added replay support:

* A replay gallery is now accessible from the main menu! Single and team, offline and online games replays are automatically recorded after each match.

* Replays are saved in %USERPROFILE%DocumentsARC SYSTEM WORKSGGXXACReplays, and can be shared with other users.

New Training Mode features:

* [LEFT or RIGHT]+RESET: Reset to left/right corner.

* DOWN+RESET: Reset with player sides switched; can be combined with left or right.

Many more minor bug fixes, Quality of Life improvements and tweaks.

On a side note, public testing is still on going with a tester-version with log tracking and other tools at the public testing beta.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R is available on the PC and is $2.99 until January 5, 2021 as part of the Steam Winter Sale.

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