Gust Will Reveal A New Atelier Game In The Near Future



Gust have been releasing new Atelier games on a yearly basis for a while now, but we’re almost halfway into 2015 without any word on a new game in the series. Key developers recently spoke with Dengeki and they say that a new Atelier game is on the way. [Thanks, Hachima]


Dengeki asks the Gust developers to share more on future releases.


“Up until now, Gust have released a game in the Atelier series each year, and a Surge Concerto game every few years; however, there are many other games besides those that I’d like to make,” said Keisuke Kikuchi, who is currently directing Land of No Night.


“So, I used this opportunity to start up a new development line [for Land of No Night],” he continued. “Yoshito Okamura (Atelier series director) and Akira Tsuchiya (Surge Concerto series director) have been providing feedback for the game, too.”


Dengeki then asked Gust to share their objective for this year.


“To properly deliver to the fans waiting on the Atelier series,” said Okamura.


Tsuchiya added, “Collaborations with other developers and such, as I think that it’d be interesting if we could do stuff within and outside of games [with other developers].”


Finally, the developers shared a message for the fans of Gust.


“I apologize for keeping you waiting [for more Atelier],” said Okamura. “We’ll have a new title soon, so please look forward to it.”


“I’d like to show some spirit that will make people think ‘that’s pretty wild,’ even more so than last year,” says Tsuchiya.

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