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Happy Birthday…Manaka Takane


You remember all those reports that came out of Japan a year or so ago, claiming Monster Hunter on the PSP was a "social phenomenon?" I think Love Plus just took its place.


Yesterday, October 5, just so happened to be the birthday of Manaka Takane, one of the girls you can date from Love Plus. Unsurprisingly, Japanese gamers (of the 2ch variety, naturally) celebrated. But unlike the last time we reported something of the sort, yesterday was a much more personal affair.




Andriasang has the details. Like for instance, this one guy who bought Takane a birthday cake, flowers and a perfume for a total of ¥5,000. But wait! Given that he can’t eat more than 1/4 of the cake — possibly, Andriasang speculates, because he’s an older gentleman — he has to wait till night time to trash the leftover cake without his family finding out.


Wonder how his family feels about the celebration in the first place.


Something to note: Love Plus has been the subject of all but the first "Games are evil" posts we’ve done so far. Congratulations Konami — you have produced the evilest game we have ever known.

Ishaan Sahdev
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