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Hardcore Mecha Director Explains Why The Game Had To Change Its Name


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Hardcore Mecha (previously Code: HARDCORE) director Louiky Mu sat down for an interview during TGS 2018 with Bahamut, where he explained why the game had to be delayed, how the game is looking so far, and more.


Here are the highlights:

  • The reason for the name change from Code: HARDCORE to Hardcore Mecha was because of copyright conflicts. Hardcore Mecha was the original name internally before it was changed to Code: HARDCORE.


  • Louiky explains that the reason for the delay was because they had reached a bottleneck regarding the online battles, and he didn’t want the game to release with major flaws still present. This, as well as the singleplayer content, led to the delay.



  • The current singleplayer content is around 7-10 hours long. Apart from the main story and protagonist, there are side stories where you can play as other characters and their mecha.


  • The playable mecha are all based on different styles, like Japanese style, Western style, Real Robots, Heavy Mecha, and more. They also differ in their capabilities how you would think based on their looks.


  • The real meat of the game will be the multiplayer versus, where up to four players fight against each other. In the final game, there will be 10-15 mecha to choose from, but because of the need to balance them, the game may only have 10 at the start, with the other five being added in later as free updates.



  • The game’s major components are all done, and the development team are currently polishing the game. Currently, they are keeping their goal of releasing the game in 2018 for PC via Steam and PlayStation 4. Apart from these two platforms, they are considering bringing it to Nintendo Switch after launch.


  • Finally, Louiky ended off by saying that he hopes the players can wait a little bit longer to play the full game, as the development team is working hard to ensure a quality experience with good multiplayer, even pulling multiple all-nighters to do so.


Hardcore Mecha will release for PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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