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Haruka Plays Housekeeper In Yakuza Restoration


Haruka Sawamura is one of the main characters in the Yakuza series and Kazuma Kiryu is like a father figure to her. In Yakuza Restoration the two characters have a similar relationship. After her parents passed away, Haruka lived in the home she inherited alone. However, due to the debt that her parents left behind, she was about to lose it.


We all know that Kazuma Kiryu is a good guy, deep down, and this doesn’t change even when he plays the role of Ryoma Sakamoto in Yakuza Restoration. Ryoma meets Haruka after saving her from a certain incident, and she ends up letting him stay at her home. The two of them eat, share stories, and happily live a simple life together.


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Haruka does her best to keep the home clean and also takes good care of Ryoma. He’d probably want to take it easy after a whole day of beating down rebels. She will also be help out by going to the market to sell some of your goods.


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