In 2010, Harvest Moon creator, Yasuhiro Wada, left the employ of Marvelous Entertainment (now Marvelous AQL) after several years of developing and overseeing a number of games at the company. In 2011, we learnt that Wada had joined Grasshopper Manufacture, along with another Marvelous alum, Yoshiro Kimura.


Their tenure at Grasshopper didn’t last long. Both Wada and Kimura resigned from their respective posts as COO and CCO late last year. Now, they’re both doing their own thing.


Kimura is currently in the process of planning his next move. Wada, we learnt today via his Twitter account, has started up a new company, Toybox Inc. The company’s website, which is currently under construction, reads: “We are gaming for Love, Peace and Earth.”


When we last spoke with him while he was employed at Grasshopper, Wada said to us: “No matter what era it is, and how hard it gets, there are many people in the world who love games, and for the sake of the children in the future, I still wish to create games that bring fun and happiness to others.”


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