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Here Are the Best Genshin Impact Weapons for Hu Tao

hu tao weapons genshiin impact

At the time of her release in Genshin Impact, there was a wide variety of weapons that players could use to make their Hu Tao a viable DPS. Updates and versions later, there still are. Because of the versatility of her build, most Polearms meshed with her play style and kit. Players can then decide based on supply or the comp they choose to use her in. In that sense, Hu Tao is fairly easy to build. In fact, most of the suggestions are ones that have been around since her debut in 2021. Here are some of the best weapons that you can give to Hu Tao:

Staff of Homa is Obviously Her Best

Generally speaking, a 5-star character’s signature weapon is their best-in-slot. Hu Tao is no different, as the Staff of Homa complements both her HP-oriented kit and the general rule of thumb in Genshin Impact: Always stack your Crit stats. Not only does the Staff of Homa passively increase your HP, but it also increases the user’s damage depending on the Max HP. So for someone like Hu Tao, who needs to have a high Max HP, it’s the best thing you can give her.

Staff of the Scarlet Sands is Amazing For Reactions

Though the Staff of Scarlet Sands is Cyno’s signature weapon, Hu Tao can make use of it as well. This one is specifically if you are running Hu Tao as part of a reaction team. For example, if your team has Hu Tao as the main DPS and someone like Ganyu or Yelan is your sub-DPS. Not only is the main sub-stat Crit Rate (always fantastic), but it increase Hu Tao’s ATK based on her Elemental Mastery as well. And if your Hu Tao is going to be part of a reaction team, she naturally is going to have fairly high Elemental Mastery.

Blackcliff Pole is a Godsend For F2P Players

Not everyone is able to get the Staff of Homa, so one of the next best weapons is the Blackcliff Pole. The Blackcliff Pole is available in Paimon’s Bargains. Like the Staff of Homa, the Blackcliff Pole has Crit DMG as its main sub-stat. Its ability also increases Hu Tao’s ATK after she defeats an enemy. That does mean it has the same weakness as all other Blackcliff weapons, though – its ability is not very useful against bosses. However, it’s perfectly serviceable if your Hu Tao has sufficient Talents and Artifacts.

Deathmatch is a Stat Stick

Like Blackcliff Pole, the Deathmatch is a weapon that most people should be able to easily obtain. The catch is that you do need to spend real money, since it is from the Battle Pass. Its main sub-stat is Crit Rate, so you will have to increase her Crit DMG through Artifacts. Its skill is honestly not that useful because of how situational it is, and also because all it does it increase her ATK. If you have better options, then it’s best to give Hu Tao those Polearms.

Dragon’s Bane is Good For Full Pyro or Vaporize Comps

The Dragon’s Bane’s skill increases DMG against enemies affected by Pyro, and since that’s how Hu Tao does the large majority of her DMG, she can always enjoy this buff. Its main sub-stat is Elemental Mastery, which does mean that the Dragon’s Bane technically works best if your Hu Tao is in a reaction team. To make the most of the Dragon’s Bane, Hu Tao should be in a Vaporize team so that you will always apply either Hydro or Pyro. Some characters you can look into for this are Barbara, Yelan, or Xingqiu.

Hu Tao is one of the more powerful and popular DPS characters in Genshin Impact, and weapons are just a small part of building a character. It can take some time, patience, and trial-and-error before she reaches her full potential. Fortunately, the large majority of weapons that match her kit are ones that have been in the game for a while, or are relatively easy to obtain. So even those who do not wish to spend money or have bad luck in the gacha can maximize Hu Tao’s potential.

Genshin Impact is readily available for the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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