Here’s A List Of Proposed Action Figures By Bandai



What you see above is a proposed list of action figures for potential release under Bandai’s D-Arts line of toys. The list is based on requests by way of fan feedback through a survey Bandai conducted. The names on the list are the characters that won Bandai’s poll.


A diligent poster on the Allspark forums went to the effort of putting the list together in English. See if you can find something you like:





Mega Man:

-Zero (Mega Man X)
-Zero (Mega Man Zero)
-X (Mega Man X)
-Mega Man (Mega Man EXE)



-God Emperor
-Arc Beetle
-Sonic Stag



-Samus Aran (Metroid)
-Knight Blazer (Wild Arms 2)
-Thanatos (Persona 3)
-Izanagi (Persona 4)
-Haseo (.hack)
-Link (The Legend of Zelda)
-Robomaro (Robot Pokottsu)


A huge thanks, once again, to Jessica, who also sent us the fantastic Shin Megami Tensei III tech demo media. She also brings word of figures of Shin Megami Tensei’s Shiva and Thor, manufactured by FuRyu.

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