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Here’s A Look At The Mewtwo Giveaway For Pokémon Black/White In Japan


Remember the Mewtwo Wi-Fi giveaway that was teased in Pokémon Smash? The event is now active in Japan, and will be running until October 31st for Japanese owners of Pokémon Black/White.


More details on the special Mewtwo are available as well. The Mewtwo being given away will come with: Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Electro Ball.


That last move is one that Mewtwo can’t normally learn. The Mewtwo is at level 70, and comes holding a King’s Rock (increased chance of causing the opponent to flinch).


Psystrike:                                    Shadow Ball:


Aura Sphere:                                    Electro Ball:

Mewtwo comes in the special Cherish Ball, which is used to contain Pokémon that are given away in Wi-Fi events such as this one. When you toss the ball, it makes a nice rainbow effect.


The giveaway event hasn’t been announced for other territories so far.

Ishaan Sahdev
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