Harvest is an upcoming adventure game set in the future, where 99% of the human population is unable to reproduce as the result of a chemical war. The remaining 1% can reproduce, and are the future of mankind, but are starting to disappear under mysterious circumstances.


You play as a detective investigating the disappearances of the remaining fertile humans. Harvest developer GondeFire Productions say that the game is inspired by other graphic adventures like Snatcher and the Ace Attorney series. The game will use basic commands like “Move,” “Look,” “Investigate” and “Use”.


Harvest will have a fully-voiced cast of characters and is being developed using Unity. The game is currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux with other platforms to be decided.


You can watch a trailer for Harvest above. GondeFire are asking for $10,000 in contributions for the game on Kickstarter, and they’re already over halfway to that figure, so this is one of the more realistic crowdfunded projects out there.


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