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Here’s How to Get a Free Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail

As of Version 2.3 of Honkai: Star Rail, the permanent “Nether Puppet” event will grant all players a free copy of 4-star Quantum Destruction character Xueyi. In order to get her, you’ll need to first complete two stages of the new Apocalyptic Shadow permanent endgame mode.

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How to Unlock Apocalyptic Shadow in Honkai: Star Rail?

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In order to unlock Apocalyptic Shadow, you must first complete the Adventure Mission “Grim Film of Finality.” You’ll need to travel to Dreamflux Reef and receive a text message from Dr. Edward. After you do so, the game will transport you to Elegy in Dreamflux Reef. Once you talk to her, you’ll be able to challenge the first stage of Apocalyptic Shadow.

After completing it, you’ll be able to talk to her again. From this point on, you can talk to Elegy at any point to access this challenge mode. Beating the first level will also net you the “Requiem of the Rose” Achievement. You can find Elegy at the southernmost point of Dreamflux Reef.

How to Beat Stage 2 of Apocalyptic Shadow?

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The first two stages of Apocalyptic Shadow are very easy. In the first stage, the bosses are level 60 and in the second, the bosses are level 70. Like in Pure Fiction, there are various bonuses that you can equip onto your team to suit your needs. For example, because I ran a DoT team against Cocolia, I took the “Persistence of Decay” buff. Meanwhile, my team against Argenti was a Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae hyper-carry team, so I used the “Moment of Termination” buff.

What bosses you challenge might differ depending on when you play this challenge. When I played it during the first phase of Version 2.3, the bosses were Cocolia and Argenti. Again, like Pure Fiction, the main bonuses seem to change depending on the version. Because Version 2.3 is focusing on Break Effect and Super Break (due to Firefly’s debut in the game), the game will give you lots of bonuses after the enemy is Weakness Broken.

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In any case, after you finish stage 2 of Apocalyptic Shadow, you can claim your free Xueyi from the “Nether Puppet” page in the Travel Log. Xueyi is an excellent 4-star Quantum Destruction unit who suits the current Break Effect meta very well. She is a useful attacker for players who don’t have Acheron due to her ability to cut through Toughness and ignore Weakness with her Ultimate.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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