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Here’s How To Kill A Missile-Wielding Triceratops In This Crazy RPG



Not content with offering players a post-apocalyptic, open-world, off-the-wall role-playing game with lasers, wooly mammoths and guns made of eggs, Kadokawa Games’ upcoming your-bike-is-a-transformed-woman RPG, Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva, has shown off the varied ways players can do battle.



There will be five different modes for players to select from during fights, ranging from traditional turn-based all the way to real-time selections. Some of the wackier choices include turn-based roulette mode, where players can select which weapon they’ll want to use and the game spins the cursor to decide which random enemy gets hit. Sounds like the way war really works!



Players can also opt for up to five different camera views, which comes in handy when targeting those area-of-effect spells and abilities like the Martial Artist class’ whirlwind kick. Players can also adjust these options mid-battle if they find things getting too hectic, or if they just want a change of pace.


metalmaxcombo metalmaxfight

Looking closely, the video shows that weapons and skills both have limited uses – how to recharge or if that’s possible is unknown – and skills have to be combined with weapons. That could make for some interesting choices, with the video showing Hinata combining his Pick Off skill with a 125mm Cannon Gun.



There’s also a mysterious looking R button which had a vehicle symbol lit up and a darkened human icon next to it. It’s likely that hitting the R side button will swap players in and out of their vehicles, which Metal Max allows for.


Metal Max 4 is scheduled for a November 11 release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan