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This Week In Sales: Vampires Return To Akiba In Akiba’s Trip 2

By Ishaan . November 13, 2013 . 1:35pm

Last week also saw the release of Battlefield 4 in Japan, which sold a very respectable number of copies at launch.

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Madcap RPG Metal Max 4’s New Trailer Is All About Shopping

By Eugene . November 1, 2013 . 12:00pm

Shops are the main focus of the latest promotional video for Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva. Yeah, that game with the monkey, the tomato gun, the killer triceratops and the girlfriend-as-your-bike.

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What RPG Names A Character “John Gorilla”? Metal Max 4 Does.

By Eugene . October 10, 2013 . 1:02pm

That’s Metal Max 4’s John Gorilla, a golden robot monkey with a mean spiked fist and a head that can rotate 360 degrees while firing off lasers.

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Add A Tomato Typhoon That Shoots Real Tomatoes To Your Ride In Metal Max 4

By Eugene . October 4, 2013 . 1:31am

The next unveil for upcoming bounty hunting, dog-on-a-tank, girlfriend-bike open-world RPG Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva goes over the many and varied ways players can customize their rides and weapons out of battle.

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Here’s How To Kill A Missile-Wielding Triceratops In This Crazy RPG

By Eugene . September 21, 2013 . 2:43pm

Kadokawa Games’ upcoming your-bike-is-a-transformed-woman RPG, Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva, has shown off the varied ways players can do battle.

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This 3DS RPG Has Dogs With Lasers, Mammoth-Shaped Tanks And Other Insanity

By Eugene . September 12, 2013 . 10:30am

Kadokawa Games has shared more details regarding upcoming insane vehicular RPG Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva.

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Metal Max 4 Has Cameo Enemies And Throwback Costumes As Fan Service

By Sunjun . August 10, 2013 . 10:00am

A code bundled with the limited edition of Metal Max 4 adds several Wanted monsters from Metal Max 2 and costumes from Metal Max 3.

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Metal Max 4’s Touching Trailer Gives A Glimpse Of Life Before the Apocalypse

By Sato . August 7, 2013 . 2:00pm

While the trailer doesn’t show off too much wacky girl-transforming-into-bike action, it reminds us that Metal Max 4 takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where many have lost loved ones.

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This RPG Has Badass Bikers With Swords, Mechanics, And Wrestlers

By Spencer . August 2, 2013 . 1:33am

Kadokawa Games made two new classes for Metal Max 4. The Rider class rides a two wheeled bike and is a sword master. I guess that makes Riders kind of like Metal Max knights… with motorcycles instead of horses.

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Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva Rolls Out A T-Rex Tank And Other Wacky Vehicles

By Spencer . July 10, 2013 . 6:24pm

One of the best parts about the Metal Max series is the wild enemies and vehicles the creators come up with. Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva has a Bio Tank which is a T-rex with treads.

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Metal Max 4’s Anime Opening Shows The Game’s Wacky Escape Scene

By Spencer . June 19, 2013 . 11:08pm

Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva has a wild escape scene where Hinata escapes from being captured by riding Sasha, a girl that transforms into a bike.

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Metal Max 4 Takes The Post Apocalyptic RPG Series Into 3D

By Spencer . June 19, 2013 . 4:00pm

Fifty years after the world was decimated in the Great Destruction, humanity lives on. Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva takes place on Concrete Island where a boy named Hinata lives with Gib and Sasha.

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Get Ready For A Vehicle Combat RPG, Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva Is Coming

By Spencer . June 18, 2013 . 12:24am

Metal Max is essentially a Mad Max role playing game with vehicle combat. The series takes place in a post apocalyptic world with an open ended gameplay and combat dogs before Call of Duty Ghost made them a meme.

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