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Metal Max 4’s Touching Trailer Gives A Glimpse Of Life Before the Apocalypse


In the Japanese Nintendo Direct earlier this morning, we got a look at a new trailer of Kadokawa Games’ Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva, the role-playing game with vehicular (and sometimes T-rex tank) combat. The trailer animation was done by none other than Studio 4°C, known for their high-quality animation seen in Catherine.



While the trailer doesn’t show off too much wacky girl-transforming-into-bike action, (you can find that in the previous trailer), it reminds us that the Metal Max series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where many have lost loved ones. We get a look at what appears to be the main character Hinata reflecting back on the past before he started riding tanks and bike girls.


The trailer also gives us a glimpse of the recently revealed characters such as the lethal Martial Artist and elbow-dropping Wrestler. You can check out more details regarding these classes in our earlier post.


Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva is slated for release on November 7 for Nintendo 3DS.


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