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Madcap RPG Metal Max 4’s New Trailer Is All About Shopping



Shops! Who cares about them? They’re just places to go to offload all the loot we’ve gathered from dungeon runs and buy the (usually, and conveniently) more powerful stuff “on sale”. Makes you wonder, where do these blacksmiths and armorers make this stuff?


Is there some mystical Hellfire forge hiding out in the back yard or something for them to be able to forge weapons, guns, bullets and what not more powerful than whatever it was I was previously wearing before arriving here? And where does all the loot we sell them actually go? Is there some kind of thriving black market around for Cactuar limbs? Get your all-in-one cureall medical Cactuar-Aid right here folks! Only 1,000 gil! Right next to our Behemoth Horns that cure gout, arrhythmia and other forms and sundries!



But shops, and the house you can run that will house many shopkeepers, is the main focus of the latest promotional video on Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva. Yeah, that game with the monkey, the tomato gun, the killer triceratops and the girlfriend-as-your-bike. First person to make a “I’d ride her” joke in the comments gets banned for a day, by the by. Anyway, the focus of the entire video is on the shops players will have access to, including NPCs such as the storage vault and Challenge Hunt masters. It seems you’ll at least be able to dress up the house you’re in a little with some items though.


Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva will soon be out, hitting shelves November 11th.