Here’s If My Heart Had Wings, From New Visual Novel Publisher MoeNovel [Update]


If My Heart Had Wings is the name a visual novel by Japanese developer Pulltop. You may know them from Princess Waltz, one of their eroge titles picked up by JAST USA. Now, Pulltop have arranged for an English release of If My Heart Had Wings, too, and this time, three companies are involved with its localization.


Active Gaming Media, a localization studio in Japan that has worked on games like Demon’s Souls and No More Heroes, are responsible for the translation. The second company involved is MoeNovel, a new visual novel publisher that hired AGM for the job. Finally, MangaGamer are going to be distributing the game on their online store. MangaGamer also served in an advisory capacity after Siliconera put AGM in touch with them a few months ago.


Here’s the story summary for If My Heart Had Wings:


Aoi Minase, a boy whose dreams were shattered has returned to his hometown of Kazegaura where there, on top of a hill lined with windmills, he encounters a wheelchair-bound girl, Kotori Hanabe, and a large, white glider soaring through the sky.


Before long, they will begin to revive Keifuu Academy’s Soaring Club, which is on the verge of having its club status repealed, in order to ride the “Morning Glory”, a phantom cloud brought by the wind which blows across Kazegaura.


This is a tale of youth, a tale of those students who loved the sky.


The interesting thing about the game is that MoeNovel have gone to the trouble of getting If My Heart Had Wings rated by the ESRB in the U.S., which is something you don’t see very often. For example, MangaGamer and JAST USA don’t get their visual novels rated by the ESRB. Meanwhile, If My Heart Had Wings is rated T (Teen). The reason it isn’t rated M is because the erotic content from the original Japanese release has been removed.


In addition to MangaGamer’s digital store, If My Heart Had Wings will be sold on disc by Play-Asia and JAST USA. Pre-ordering the game from MangaGamer will get you a 5% discount. The game will be released on June 28th for $30 as a download. Hard copies will cost $35.


UPDATE: It looks as though Play-Asia’s digital release of the game will be available in the form of a Steam code.



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