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Here’s What Japanese Players Thought Of Ultra Street Fighter IV At A Recent Location Test


Last week, Capcom held the very first location test for Ultra Street Fighter IV in Japan, where they gathered feedback from players at the event, and documented it as they continue to tweak and rebalance the game.


Some of the feedback Capcom gathered was to do with the new characters being added to the game. Over on their Capcom Unity website, they’ve posted a breakdown of what location test players thought of the new fighters, ranging from “Terrible” to “Good”. You can take a look at the rankings at the Unity link.


“We’re still in the middle of balancing these characters, but comments like ‘Elena’s strong’ and ‘Hugo’s weak,’ and comparisons between Rolento’s current incarnation and his previous version are among the feedback we’ve got so far that really stands out,” Capcom revealed. “In particular we got a lot of opinions about Rolento’s slide.”


They add: “For Poison, we received a lot of requests to increase her movement speed; and we also got a lot of feedback about her appearance… Seems like there are a lot of hidden Poison fans out there! Haha.”


The most feedback, however, was with regard to Ultra Street Fighter IV’s new Ultra Combo Double system, which allows players to select both Ultras for their character—the catch being that each one does less damage.


“At the location tests, it seems there were a lot of players who took a liking to it,” Capcom say. “In particular, people who picked the new characters often chose the Ultra Combo Double option. However, there were many players who felt that the Ultra Combo Double option didn’t really suit their character, and boy did they let us know! We’ll be thinking of a way to address this before the final version is released.”

Ishaan Sahdev
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