Capcom have released the opening movie for Monster Hunter 4G, the Japanese version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. You can watch it above—it shows off the new mascot monster, Serlegios.



Meanwhile, Capcom USA have released new screenshots of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which can be found below. The game is still on track for an early 2015 release.


mh4u_tgs_01 mh4u_tgs_02 mh4u_tgs_03 mh4u_tgs_04 mh4u_tgs_05 mh4u_tgs_06 mh4u_tgs_07 mh4u_tgs_08 mh4u_tgs_09 mh4u_tgs_10 mh4u_tgs_11 mh4u_tgs_12 mh4u_tgs_13 mh4u_tgs_14 mh4u_tgs_15 mh4u_tgs_16 mh4u_tgs_17 mh4u_tgs_18 mh4u_tgs_19 mh4u_tgs_20 mh4u_tgs_21 mh4u_tgs_22 mh4u_tgs_23 mh4u_tgs_24 mh4u_tgs_25 mh4u_tgs_26 mh4u_tgs_27 mh4u_tgs_28 mh4u_tgs_29 mh4u_tgs_30


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