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Here’s How Splatoon’s Equipment Helps Customize Your Character


Nintendo have shared a few more tidbits of information on equipment customization in Splatoon via the game’s official Tumblr, this time touching upon headgear, clothing, and shoes, all of which can be purchased from in-game item shops.


The shop in the screenshot above is where you buy your headgear. This can include hats, helmets, glasses, goggles and more. The shop is run by the lady on the left hand side, and she’s said to be rather shy. She also has a talking fish in her hair.


Meanwhile,this store is where you’ll buy your clothing. It’s run by a clerk named Jelonzo, who is viewed as something of a fashion god, due to his uncanny sense for fashion trends. He has a strange way of speaking, which makes him hard to understand.


Headgear, clothing and shoes all have different attributes and offer different benefits. For example; the shoes you see above come with an “Ink Saver (Main)” attribute, which cuts down the amount of ink needed to fire your main weapon.


Each piece of gear comes with a single perk, but also gains new perks the more you use it. Each piece of gear also contains one “top-class” perk, which can be unlocked.


Splatoon will be released for Wii U this May. The game is actually being developed by younger staff members within the Animal Crossing team.

Ishaan Sahdev
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