Here’s What Another Century’s Episode Portable Looks Like


Amongst yesterday’s Famitsu magazine blowout was Another Century’s Episode Portable with a long list of mechs from various anime franchises revealed to be in the game, ranging from Nirvash type Zero spec 2 from Eureka 7 to the Z-Gundam.


Here’s a look at a couple of them, courtesy of Famitsu (with more screens on their website):


Nirvash type Zero spec 2 (Eureka SeveN):



Kaiser Fire (Vs. Knight Lamune & 40 Fire):



Famitsu mention that Another Century’s Episode Portable has no story mode. Instead, you’ll be allowed to select the missions you want to go on. Clearing these missions allows one to accumulate Ace points, which you can use to unlock more mechs. Another Century’s Episode Portable also has a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to three players via local ad-hoc.


Additionally, buying the game early will get you a limited edition A5-size 24-page Official Reference booklet:


Ishaan Sahdev
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