In Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman has a gadget called the Disruptor. The Disruptor has three charges per engagement, and its main uses are as follows:


  • Jamming enemies weapons when they attempt to fire at Batman
  • Exploding enemy weapons (by using two charges on the same weapon)
  • Rigging weapon crates to shock enemies who try to arm themselves
  • Tagging vehicles with tracking devices for Batmobile pursuits


The point of the Disruptor is to allow you to prepare for encounters before they begin. You can use it to jam weapons and land the first attack, or even turn enemy devices against them. You can also upgrade the item with a bunch of additional features.


One of these upgrades is the additional charge, that provides more simultaneous options for each engagement. Another upgrade allows Batman to hack and disrupt the turrets of the Drone Tank enemies in Arkham Knight. The Drone Tanks’ turrets can be caused to backfire and self-destruct if they are used.


Batman: Arkham Knight will be released this June for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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