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Here’s What’s New in Yggdra Union on the Nintendo Switch


The Japanese eShop page for Yggdra Union Switch is now open, and Sting has also uploaded an overview trailer for the game that shows off what it’s all about for newcomers.

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Two of the key elements in the game are the Tactics Card system, which determines the skills you can use, and the Union formation system, which has commanders fight alongside a platoon of troops. The trailer also gives an overview of the story, where Princess of Fantasinia, Yggdra, must reclaim her kingdom from the Bronquian Empire.

New to the Nintendo Switch version are full HD graphics (including the opening movie) and features designed make the game more accessible. Regarding the new features, some these were added for the iOS and Android ports of Yggdra Union that were released in 2019. We’ve marked the completely new features in bold:

  • Rewind feature (rewind at any point until the battle takes place)
  • Auto-save feature (even if you stop mid-way, you can begin from any player phase turn you like)
  • Conversation log
  • Easy Mode Addition
  • ‘Hints’ now show hints for Extra content items
  • Battle speed adjustment function (you can play at up to 5x speed)
  • Unit ‘Servant’ joins under special conditions (if you do well on the first stage…?)
  • Sound set feature (choose from three different sets of soundfonts!)

(Note: likely the two sets of sounds released as DLC on iOS and Android. See more here.
Accessed via special button command combinations:

  • A feature that lets Milanor be more like Cruz (Milanor can fight as a hunter)
  • Turn off Critical hits for both allies and enemies (enjoy critical-less battles)
  • Begin a battle with Max Skill Gauge
  • Reverse male/female formation types

*Feature accessed via code that can be found via – Button instruction manual

Finally, here’s a batch of screenshots from the game:

Yggdra Union will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 5, 2020. The game is currently available on iOS and Android devices and the Game Boy Advance.

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