Hexyz Force: The Tweetview



Of late, I’ve started to dip my toes into Hexyz Force, one of Sting’s recent babies being published by Atlus USA in North America. Don’t let the name fool you — Hexyz Force isn’t a puzzle game of some sort; it’s a turn-based RPG, and a pretty good one at that.


I haven’t played enough of the localized game yet to be able to write up a proper playtest — although, you can read our import playtest here — but I have been tweeting about it, along with Kris Knigge, co-host of the SEGA Addicts Podcast, and known to some of you as TheCleaningGuy in the comments. So, without further ado, here are two days worth of Hexyz Force tweets in our first tweetview! And yes, somehow, amidst all the tweeting, we manage to avoid any plot spoilers.


Day 1


Ish_Siliconera: I feel ashamed for not paying attention to Hexyz Force before. I just started playing and I like it already. 3:42 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: God, the music is goooood. 3:53 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: The battle UI is fantastic, too. 4:03 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: Composer = Shigeki Hayashi. vgmdb tells me he did Baroque and Knights in the Nightmare. 4:11 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: And here comes the first scantily-clad, leather-fetishist female antagonist. A sole strap covering her D-cup and I’m not batting an eyelid. 4:15 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: Sounds like she’s voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. I like her already. Having a rocking battle tune blaring while I beat her up helps, too. 4:19 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: …killed in my third battle. So that’s how it is. 4:30 PM Apr 26th



Ish_Siliconera: The fast-forward function is making up for it though. Very convenient. 4:33 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: Fast-paced and dramatic. Yup, I’m going to enjoy this. 4:50 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: It would seem every woman in this game is a d-cup. Not that I’m complaining or anything… 10:50 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: It just makes you wonder about the character designer’s personal likes and dislikes. For example, no Type-Moon woman is very well-endowed… 10:52 PM Apr 26th


Ish_Siliconera: Speaking of which, the art kind of vaguely reminds of A Witch’s Tale10:58 PM Apr 26th


Volume_Zombie: @Ish_Siliconera On my twitter feed, your tweets are interspersed with those of the Dalai Lama. It’s the best contrast ever.


Ish_Siliconera: @VolumeZombie You mean to tell me they don’t like D-cups? 3:04 AM Apr 27th


Ish_Siliconera: Last tweet before bed: I think Hexyz Force is making me realize that I’ve outgrown Pokémon in its current state. 3:05 AM Apr 27th



Day 2


Ish_Siliconera: Haven’t touched Hexyz Force all day…withdrawal symptoms appearing… 10:46 PM Apr 27th


VolumeZombie: @Ish_Siliconera Initially, I had practically no interest in Hexyz Force, buy your tweets have me curious. Is it really that good?


Ish_Siliconera: @VolumeZombie I like it so far. They seem to have made it specifically for people that are tiring of the usual crap. Fast-paced, good music. 11:00 PM Apr 27th


Ish_Siliconera: @VolumeZombie Plus the characters have personality. I love Levant and his GF. The battles are super-complex, too. And fast-forwarding rocks! 11:02 PM Apr 27th


VolumeZombie: @Ish_Siliconera Awesome! It sounds like it will be right up my alley! It’s a Sting game, right?


Ish_Siliconera: @VolumeZombie Yup, yup. Sting game. It can be pretty challenging, though, not always through the combat. Puzzles and stuff add to it, too. 11:13 PM Apr 27th


Ish_Siliconera: @VolumeZombie Also, the characters have really unique voices, which I like. Some seem out of place, initially, but they feel very "fresh." 11:14 PM Apr 27th


VolumeZombie: @Ish_Siliconera When does it come out, again? This sounds like something I need to play.


Ish_Siliconera: @VolumeZombie May 25th or 26th, I think. I paid no attention to it either, early on. For some reason, it sounded like a puzzle game to me. 11:29 PM Apr 27th


VolumeZombie: @Ish_Siliconera Yeah, Hexyz sounds like some sort of puzzle game or a grid-based SRPG.

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