Hikaru Utada Debuts Music Video for Evangelion’s One Last Kiss

hikaru utada one last kiss

The official Youtube channel for Hikaru Utada uploaded the music video for her song “One Last Kiss.” The new single is the theme song for the final Rebuild of Evangelion movie. The track is available now, both digitally and physically.

When she’s not defending her reputation as one of the best Tetris players in Japan, Hikaru Utada is making music. Her latest video shows an intimate depiction of the singer-songwriter. The cinematography is handheld style and features Utada almost exclusively. The portrayal gives the viewer the feeling of being a close friend or lover, chronicling a relaxing and happy day together.

Check out the music video for Utada’s latest single, “One Last Kiss” below.

Utada provided music for every movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion series, with “One Last Kiss” being the final song. The new single is available digitally on storefronts like iTunes. Additionally, the singer-songwriter released a CD and a 12-inch vinyl record for the new track. Along with “One Last Kiss,” both physical formats feature all of the songs Utada has provided for the Evangelion series over the years.

Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time is out now in Japanese movie theaters. Hikaru Utada’s music video for the film’s theme is trending at number one on YouTube at the time of this article.

Oni Dino
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