Hololive Production Merges English Twitter Accounts

Hololive Holostars Twitter
Image via Hololive Production on Twitter

Vtuber agency Hololive Production is shutting down one of its English language Twitter accounts, @hololivepro_EN. It will be merging it with another account, @hololive_En. Previously, the Hololive Pro account tweeted exclusively concerning the English branch of Hololive and Holostars, whereas the Hololive En account tweeted news about the various different branches. This included translated tweets.

The Hololive agency has branches for its English, Indonesian and Japanese talents. There are also English and Japanese branches for Holostars, the company’s male talent group. The branches are mostly managerial rather than strict separations, as their members interact frequently and branches like EN or ID also cover areas that may not necessarily speak that language primarily.

You can read the official Twitter statement below:

Recently, Hololive production announced new merchandise for streamer Nanashi Mumei. It appeared just as she went on a health-related hiatus. JP branch member Sakamata Chloe also had her merchandise appear in Capcom’s Net Catcher. Also, artist Omocat revealed merchandise featuring the EN Branch of Hololive. Those items are based on designs for the upcoming concert.

You can follow the remaining Hololive English language twitter account for more updates. The English branch also put out the call for auditions once again.

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