Honkai Impact 3rd Aponia Elysian Realm Fight Detailed

Honkai Impact 3rd Aponia Elysian Ream Fight Detailed

MiHoYo’s been talking a lot about Fire Moth 13 Flame-Chasers characters lately. For example, it revealed a full list of all members. Not to mention Pardofelis became playable in 5.6. Now people can learn what will happen when they face the Flame-Chaser Aponia in Honkai Impact 3rd’s Elysian Realm.

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for Aponia and her Elysian Realm encounter in Honkai Impact 3rd below.

First, Aponia is a MANTIS and the third in command of the 13 Flame-Chasers. She’s known as Discipline and has a butterfly motif. Which is fitting, because to get her you need to go through Discipline, a Predestined Death. If you do, then go through Sequence: Dangerous in Shallow Sequence or Deep Sequence, She’ll be on the 17th floor of the Elysian Realm.

Like Kalpas, Aponia has two forms in Honkai Impact 3rd. Her attacks change depending on which form she’s taken. So when you start a fight, she’ll be in her normal form and use use her butterflies for targeted and AOE attacks. The one named in the update is Mind Your Manners, Please. That is a four-hit combo that holds you. As for the AOE attack, it involves the Remorse status effect. That changes your skill buttons’ inputs temporarily.

When Aponia changes her form in Honkai Impact 3rd, she gets wings and four more arms. There are three skills to watch out for during this phase. If she uses Inevitable Fate, she will dash to where you are and attack. This can paralyze. Judge Your Crimes places “Sin” illusions on the field. While in place, Sins inflict Remorse. Finally, Purge Your Demons is another sort of AOE attack. Multiple lightning strikes appear on the field. However, there will be red circles showing the places where they will hit, so players can plan accordingly.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for PCs and mobile devices.

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