You’ve probably seen the famous Wrestler rhythm game from Rhythm Heaven Fever for Wii by now. If not, you can watch the original Japanese version here and the English version below:



In an Iwata Asks interview, we find out that this minigame is called “Ringside” in the English version of the game. Nintendo sound designer, Masami Yone, says he thought the idea up while in the bathtub.


“I often think about the past when I’m in the bathtub,” Yone shares, “and when you cut the cake at your wedding, it isn’t easy because you might be off and make a mess of it. And while you’re concentrating on that, everyone with a camera is screaming, ‘Look this way!’”


Yone elaborates: “But making a game out of cutting cake didn’t seem very promising, so I came up with a similar situation — giving an interview while also having your picture taken.”


Rhythm Heaven Fever is slated for release in North America on February 13th.


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