Felyne armour in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd can be customized two ways: torso and helmet. Each piece of armour has different defense and resistances. Here’s a look at some of the different armour combinations you can outfit them with.


Felyne weapons come in two types as well: those that do Slash damage, and those that do Impact damage, and have their own stats. Different weapons are effective against different monsters. These weapons, along with Felyne armour, can be created using scraps.


Scraps are leftover material from when you create equipment for your own hunter. This is how it’s possible for Felynes in Portable 3rd to wear armour based on some of the grander monsters, such as Rathian and Qurupeco, and grow alongside your hunter.


The shop you see above is the Felyne armour shop, where you can cash in your scraps to create equipment for your Felynes. It’s run by Momijii, Yukumo Village’s Felyne equipment advisor:


Wondering how you’ll manage your Felyne’s equipment with all these options available to you? That’s handled through the Felyne Board in your home.


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