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How to Get All Fallen Stars for Gusto in Fae Farm Skies of Azoria

Fae Farm is best described as a magical interpretation of the farming simulation genre. But the new DLC, Skies of Azoria, is less about farming and more about dungeon puzzles. Not a fan of puzzle-style gameplay? Well, this guide will help you collect the Fallen Stars for Gusto.

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How to Get The Fallen Star for Gryff?

Before starting the quest to find the elusive 5 Fallen Stars, you must do a quest for Gryff. You can find Gryff down the stairs by Windhaven Town Centre. Initiate a conversation with him, and he will present you with the “Where the Stars Fall” quest, asking you to collect a single Fallen Star. To complete this quest, you will need to proceed through the gate, which is right next to Gryff, solve the dungeon’s puzzle, and bring back the Fallen Star.

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Fallen Star 1

This is the most straightforward puzzle you will come across, and you should be able to complete it before you can finish saying easy peasy lemon squeezy. Go down the staircase, and keep walking until you find the button, and then interact with it. A purple glimmering pathway will then appear. Backtrack on yourself, walk on the purple pathway, and the Fallen Star will be in front of you.

How to Get Fallen Stars for Gusto in Fae Farm Skies of Azoria?

After you report back to Gryff, he will then enlist you in another quest called “Bring the Gusto Back to Gusto”, where you will need to collect 5 Fallen Stars to cheer up Gusto. From here onward, all the dungeon puzzles you could potentially encounter will be random, meaning the puzzles you face could be different to another player.

To complete this quest, you only need to collect 5 Fallen Stars, but gathering more Fallen Stars can be beneficial, as they are used as a resource commodity if you want to purchase certain items in Gusto’s shop, which comes available after completing the quest.

You can challenge these puzzles through seven gates scattered across Windhaven, but not all of them will be open at one given time. If you ever don’t like the puzzle you face, simply end the in-game day, and when you return to Skyvale, different dungeon puzzles will be through these gates. Some of these puzzles will be repeated or even expanded upon later in the Fae Farm Skies of Azoria DLC when collecting Rare and Legendary Fallen Stars for future questlines.

Below, we will explain and give solutions to all the dungeon puzzles we have found.

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Fallen Star 2

This one is pretty simple: when you enter the dungeon, a moving platform goes up and down. Jump onto the moving platform when it is near the staircase by the entrance, wait until it reaches the other side, jump off, and grab the star.

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Fallen Star 3

Another reasonably easy one: when you walk into the dungeon, you will see a torch in front of you. Press the button on the left side to light up the torch. Before the flame goes out, quickly press the new button that appears on the right. This will cause the floor to open up, allowing you to float towards the Fallen Star.

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Fallen Star 4

This is one of the more complicated ones, as not only are there two stars, but this dungeon embodies a traditional maze set-up. When you first enter the dungeon, you will want to press the first button you find to open the door. Then, you want to ignore all the buttons and keep going until you reach the room with the gate. In this room, there will be a visible crack in the wall. Use your staff on the crack to make the wall fall down, and there will be one of the Fallen Stars.

Then, you want to backtrack into the previous room, go right, and keep going until you find another cracked wall. Again, get your trusted staff out and break the wall down, where a new room will reveal itself with a Fallen Star on a high platform. This is where this Fallen Star gets tricky, as you will need speed behind your jump to reach the platform.

To achieve this, a button will be on the left in the new room you have just uncovered; go press that. This will make temporary abilities appear in the dungeon. You only need to walk through the power-up icon to gain these abilities. Go back to the last room, walk through one of these icons, quickly dash back to the room, and jump at the beginning of the staircase, which should give you enough height to reach the second Fallen Star. 

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Fallen Star 5

Go and press the button in the middle of the room. You will then be teleported back to the beginning, where a pathway will appear, leading you to a centre platform with six buttons. Walk on the pathway and press one of the buttons, and then you will be transported back to the beginning again. The pathway trail has now disappeared, but many temporary power-up icons will appear. Use these abilities to help you propel yourself onto the centre platform. You will be transported to the entrance each time you press one of the buttons. Repeat this until you have pushed all the buttons, and you will be thrown into the air, where you can reach the platform where the Fallen Star is.

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Fallen Star 6

Another button-orientated puzzle, but this one is much easier than the last entry. You will notice three buttons as you enter the dungeon room—red, orange, and green. To proceed, push the green button first, then the orange button, then the red button, and finally, push the green button again.

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Fallen Star 7

This one can come across as a bit daunting, but it’s not too bad when you know what to do. When you first enter, press the left button and then jump onto the moving platform. Wait until it takes you all the way up north, and jump onto the red button. After this, hop back onto the moving platform and get off when you see the room on the left-hand side. Destroy the enemy in the room, and then press the green button. Again, jump back onto the moving platform and go back to the entrance, where you should be able to press a blue button. Now, jump onto the moving platform again until you return to where the red button was. There should be a power-up ability to throw you into the air and grab the Fallen Star. A quick tip: whilst in the air, try to land leftward to the staircase to reach the gate and leave.


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Fallen Star 8

When you first walk into the dungeon, you should see a button; push that. A circular creature will now appear on the floor. If you jump onto the creature and wait several moments, it will project you upward; whilst in the air, try and land on the platform on the north, where the Fallen Star is located. There is a bunch of dark-looking mist in this area, which you can clear with your spell, but you don’t need to do that to complete this puzzle.

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Fallen Star 9

This is quite a spacious dungeon, but you do not need to explore all of it to collect both Fallen Stars. Head north, and then go left until you reach a purple pathway. You will see a Fallen Star off the edge of the pathway. You will need to jump off the path to grab the Fallen Star. After jumping off, you will float in the air and head south to get yourself back onto the dungeon floor. Head back to the purple pathway and walk across it this time, where there should be another Fallen Star by the gate. Heads up, this particular dungeon area is excellent for grinding resources.

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Fallen Star 10

In this dungeon, there are three Fallen Stars. There are a ton of staircases and pathways. Walk through them until you reach the last staircase. There will be two circular creatures; do not kill them, or you cannot grab the Fallen Star. Jump onto one of them, wait a few moments, and you will be projected up in the air, where the Fallen Star is. I had to repeat this a few times until I got the right slant when I was in the air, so do not worry if you have to repeat this action, you will eventually get it.

For the second Fallen Star, climb back up, but this time, go up the last staircase. There should be a Fallen Star in front of the gate. For the last one, whilst you are still on that floor level, go to the left-hand corner, and you should be able to see a Fallen Star off the edge. Jump towards the direction of the Fallen Star.

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Fallen Star 11

When you go into the dungeon, you will immediately see a crack in the wall on the left. Break that wall down with your staff, and then break the two pillars in front of you on the right. You will then stumble across some more pillars on the left and, you guessed it, destroy them. Then, you will see some pots on the floor. You know the drill, break them as well, and then a button will reveal itself. Press the button to make a staircase appear, then grab the Fallen Star.

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Fallen Star 12

You will be immediately floating in midair when you go into this dungeon. Head towards the ledge on the left-hand side. There will be a series of moving platforms. Jump up on them and make your way upwards, and you will eventually come across a big whirlwind. Leap into the whirlwind, and it will throw you up. Try to grab the Fallen Star as you come back down. To leave the area, allow the whirlwind to hurl you back up, attempt to land on the platform up north, and head to the gate.

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Fallen Star 13

From the get-go, there will be three buttons in front of you. Press the orange, red, and green buttons in that order to make the door fall. Walk up the staircase and hop onto the platform on the right. Jump into the whirlwind up north and float in the direction of the Fallen Star. To open the gate to leave, return to the whirlwind, land on the platform on the left, and push the button. This is another great location if you want to hunt for resources exclusive to Skyvale.

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Fallen Star 14

In front of you, there will be four pillars and a single button. When you press the button, a creature will appear. Trick the creature into attacking the furthest left pillar, which will leave a red button behind. Press it, then return to the starting point, where a green button will surface. Another monster will then emerge, but this one will be the notorious circular projecting creature. Jump on this creature to be springboarded into the air and reach the platform where the Fallen Star is.

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Fallen Star 15

This one is super simple. Head towards the whirlwind with the blue shimmering light, and it will teleport you to a new part of the dungeon. Keep heading towards the blue shimmering lights, which will teleport you to different locations until you bump into the Fallen Star. After grabbing the Fallen Star, drop down the platform to reach the gate and exit the dungeon.

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Fallen Star 16

Another maze-inspired puzzle, but far more painless to figure out. Go left and follow the pathway in the maze until you reach a split. Go to the right and keep following the path, and you will run into the Fallen Star.

Fae Farm and the Skies of Azoria DLC are available now the Switch and PC

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