Palworld Crusher
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How to Get and Use a Refrigerated Crusher in Palworld

The Sakurajima Island update for Palworld included a plethora of new items, Pals, materials, facilities, and buildings for players to enjoy. The new Refrigerated Crusher for base camps is among them. But first, you need to get the material is needed to craft a Refrigerated Crusher in Palworld before you can use this new building to make things.

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How do I build the Refrigerated Crusher in Palworld?

Palworld Refrigerated Crusher
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You must be level 52 to build the Refrigerated Crusher in the Sakurajima Island update. Once you have reached level 52, use two Technology Points to unlock it on the Technology Tree. If you are having trouble leveling up, the Sakurajima update adds new Pals to collect in the Paldeck. This means you can take advantage of the capture bonus for new Pals discovered to gain levels faster.

The materials needed to make this new crusher are listed below:

Ice Organ50
Pal Metal Ingot50

The goal of Crushers in Palworld is to reduce bigger materials into smaller objects. However the Crusher has a limit when it comes to what it can crush. For instance, the original Crusher uses wood, stone, and Pal Souls to produce Fiber, Paldium Fragments, and Pal Souls. The materials for the Refrigerated Crusher are similar. However, the new Crusher can decimate Pal Spheres and other items for material.

Here is a list of some of the material you get from the Refrigerated Crusher:

  • Fiber
  • Large Pal Soul
  • Medium Pal Soul
  • Paldium Fragment
  • Small Pal Soul
Palworld Stats
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The items produced make the Refrigerated Crusher invaluable in Palworld. Use Pal Souls to increase the stats of Pals by a certain percentage. With wild Pals powerful enough to kill you in one hit roaming Sakurajima Island, increasing the stats of your Pals is critical to our survival on the island.

Palworld is available in early access on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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