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How to Get Meteorite Fragments in Palworld, Explained

The Sakurajima Island update for Palworld adds new Pals, events, and materials to the game. One of those new types of materials is called Meteorite Fragments. This guide will show you how to get Meteorite Fragments in Palworld, as well as what to do with them.

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Where do I get Meteorite Fragments in Palworld?

Meteorite Fragments come to the Palpagos Islands via a new event called Meteorite Events. When it happens, a meteor will screech across the sky and land in one of the many zones in Palworld. This event is randomized and on a timer, however. To tell when a Meteorite event is occurring, an audio cue will ring as the meteor descends onto the map. On the map, there will be an icon indicating where the meteorite has landed.

I shared a screenshot below of the fallen meteorite, so you know what to look for in-game:

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If you arrive at the meteor crash site, you will be met with Pals and devotees fighting over the contents of the meteorite. Meteorite fragments will lay scattered around the crash site for you to pick up at your discretion. Special Pals that only spawn from the meteors also drop them when they are defeated or captured.

What can I do with Meteorite Fragments in Palworld?

As of right now, the only use for Meteorite Fragments is to build the Meteor Launcher weapon. To unlock this weapon, you must be at least level 37. You must also use three Ancient Technology Points to be able to craft the Meteor Launcher.

Crafting the launcher requires the listed material below:

Meteorite Fragment100
Paldium Fragment20
Refined Ingot30

The astral weapon has a base damage of 2,000 points, with a durability of 300. Like with other launchers in Palworld, the Meteorite Launcher can only fire one bullet at a time. It also requires a special type of ammo for firing. Use two Meteorite Fragments to make one Meteorite bullet.

Meteor Launcher palworld
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The Meteor Launcher isn’t the best weapon in the game, but until you craft better weapons, this weapon is great.

Palworld is available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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