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“How To Think About Your EX Meter”



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Super Street Fighter IV pro, Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, is involved with producing a strategy guide for the game, and he recently posted a rough draft of an excerpt from the chapter on managing your EX meter, stating that feedback was welcome.


Anyone that’s interested in reading about how to manage their EX meter should probably take a look at the link above. Or maybe you can provide feedback if you have any to offer. Here’s an…excerpt of the excerpt from Gootecks’s post:


Although all characters have a Super Combo, some characters’ Super Combos don’t provide them with additional options or capabilities, they just are higher-damage versions of their EX or non-EX Special Moves.


For example, Balrog’s Super gives him the new ability to go straight through EX and regular Fireballs from relatively far away, effecitvely shutting down the opponent’s Fireball game. Also, he can cancel far MK into Super, which is one new weapon added to the arsenal. Credit for that one goes to Justin Wong.

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