Hunt Cook: Catch And Serve! Is The Latest Game From Survive! Mola Mola’s Select Button


IMG_3338 Select Button, the creators of Survive! Mola Mola!, have released a new Apple iOS and Android game. Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! is a hunting and restaurant management simulation where players help Kid Chef and The Boss, a Shiba Inu, run a cafe that specializes in meals made with wild game.


Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! doesn’t hold anything back. First, you have to go out and hunt the animal or fish you’re going to serve in your restaurant. (Yes, there’s eventually a Survive! Mola Mola! reference.) This involves heading to a spot and hoping the creature shows up instead of an old man giving away free fruits and vegetables or a member of the mafia who provides recipes in exchange for information and your silence. Once the animal appears, you can take a small amount of meat or go through a mini-game where The Boss chases the game for more meat.


After catching the game, you can start preparing food. The first time you catch a bird, animal, or fish, you’ll actually clean your catch while The Boss tells you facts about getting that critter ready for the pot. Different recipes are prepared in different ways, and people have the option of upgrading areas so they can cook more items at once or hold more ingredients in the pantry. Each segment has one major request, after which the restaurant expands or new gameplay elements are added, as well as minor side orders that can be filled for extra money and experience.


While Hunt Cook! Catch and Serve! is free-to-play, eventually you’ll need to upgrade the size of your pantry. It is possible to spend in-game cash on diamonds, but I’ve found it’s rather easy to earn diamonds by playing the game. (Or occasionally sharing, then deleting, a tweet.) You can also register friends in the game and set ingredients you’ve found to dole out to them daily. The items you choose to share won’t disappear from your own inventory.


Hunt Cook! Catch and Serve! is immediately available for Android 4.0.3 or higher and Apple iOS 7.0 or higher.

Jenni Lada
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