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Hyperdimension Neptunia’s Gust-chan Is Nights Of Azure’s Pre-order Bonus


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Nights of Azure is getting quite the cross-over character. Koei Tecmo has revealed the North American and European pre-order bonuses for the game, and people purchasing from the right place will receive Gust-chan DLC. This additional supporting character, based on Hyperdimension Neptunia’s Gust-chan and the Nights of Azure developer, can act as a standard supporting character or be used in-battle. She has a four leaf clover that makes it 5% easier to get items, both rare and common.


People need to pre-order Nights of Azure from specific stores in order to get Gust-chan. In North America, she’s available through Amazon, EB Canada, and GameStop, while in Europe she comes from GAME or PlayStation Store. This promotion also includes a Gust-chan PlayStation 4 theme.


NightsofAzure_BestBuy04 NightsofAzure_BestBuy02


There’s one other pre-order promotion for Nights of Azure. Best Buys in North America and Europe’s branch of Amazon and independent stores will offer two general Nights of Azure PlayStation 4 themes. These will feature the art shown above, of Arnice with Lilysse.


Koei Tecmo has also released a new assortment of Nights of Azure videos and screenshots. The videos show what life will be like in the Hotel for Arnice, as well as what people can expect once she enters the Arena.


NightsofAzure_System05 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster01 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster02 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster03 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster04 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster05 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster06 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster07 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster08 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster09 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster10 NightsofAzure_EnemyMonster11 NightsofAzure_Event01 NightsofAzure_Event02 NightsofAzure_Event03 NightsofAzure_Event04 NightsofAzure_Event05 NightsofAzure_Event06 NightsofAzure_Event07 NightsofAzure_Event08 NightsofAzure_System01 NightsofAzure_System02 NightsofAzure_System03 NightsofAzure_System04


Nights of Azure will be released on the PlayStation 4 in North America on March 29, 2016. It will arrive in Europe three days later, on April 1, 2016.

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