Koei Tecmo previously revealed that Hyrule Warriors will include additional DLC costumes depending on which version of the game you buy in Japan. Today, they revealed a few more of these outfits on the game’s official website.


As previously reported, the standard, Premium and Treasure Box versions of Hyrule Warriors all come with a “Courage” costume set. This set contains three costumes for Link—one from Twilight Princess, one from Skyward Sword and one from Ocarina of Time. It looks as though Link’s character model changes slightly with each.



Additionally, we also have the full list of costumes that will be exclusive to both the Premium and Treasure Box versions of the game. These two versions will contain the “Wisdom” costume set for Zelda. Once again, this includes her outfits from Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time.


The final costume set, which is the “Power” set, will be exclusive to the Treasure Box version of the game, and hasn’t been revealed yet. Theoretically, this should pertain to Ganondorf, although he hasn’t been revealed as a playable character in the game yet.


Hyrule Warriors will be released in Japan on August 14th.


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