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Hyrule Warriors Has Worlds Fusing Together, Says Fi’s Character Profile


Nintendo of America have shared their official English-language descriptions for the latest set of newly-revealed characters that will appear in Hyrule Warriors, and their description of Fi in particular is interesting, because it sounds like it hints at the game’s overall story, which we still don’t know much about.


Fi’s description includes a tidbit about world fusing together, which isn’t something that has been mentioned explicitly before in regards to Hyrule Warriors. We’ll probably see Koei Tecmo discuss this aspect of the game in the weeks to come. Oh, and before you ask, it has already been confirmed that this game exists outside of the Zelda timeline.



Fi is the spirit of the “Goddess Sword” sealed inside the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft. Once the worlds became fused together, Fi was transported from the world of Skyward Sword into the world of Hyrule Warriors.


With extensive knowledge and a highly analytical mind, Fi thinks things through logically and offers advice and wisdom to whoever holds the sword. Its body is made of a blue, metal-like material. Although it has the appearance of a young girl, Fi is genderless and does not have emotions.


Fi floats and moves in the air, and transforms into a sword to attack.



Ghirahim is the Demon Lord who tried to resurrect his master; the leader of the demons who was sealed away.


He is enormously proud of himself, and vain about his own appearance. He may appear to be formal and polite at first, but once he loses his temper, his brutal and cruel nature emerges.


He attacks with multiple knives in the air, or transforms himself into a giant blade to slash his enemy in a single sweep. He is skilled with swords of all kind, and also good at confusing his enemies with his teleportation ability and by summoning demons. When he loses his composure, he transforms to enhance his power and increase his attack abilities.


The Imprisoned:

His entire body is covered in hard, scale-like protrusions. On top of his head you can see the stake that was once used to seal him away, but due to his massive size, you won’t be able to attack it directly. There are, however, some soft, white areas at the tips of his toes….


The Imprisoned is a massive, mountainous beast whose heavy stomping creates powerful shockwaves that can blow away anything nearby.


The dark beast who was imprisoned in the Sealed Grounds in the world of Skyward Sword. He is believed to have the power to lead the world to destruction.


Hyrule Warriors will be available this September for the Wii U in North America.

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